Our pillars of quality skin care and treatment:

  1. Cosmeceuticals (such as pharmacy grade skin care and anti-ageing products available in clinic and online thru the clinic website).
    Dermacuetic - Skin Renewal Dermacuetic - PreventativeDermacuetic - Maintenance
  2. Skin cancer management (such as dermatoscopy with surgical removal of skin cancer and prevention).
    Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer under Polarized Light Dermoscopy Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer under Nonpolarized Light DermoscopyMelanoma Skin Cancer under Dermatoscope Melanoma Skin Cancer under Nonpilarised Light Dermoscopy
  3. Non-surgical cosmetic treatment (such as anti-ageing (peels, Botox injection), beauty (dermal fillers) or Both (laser such IPL, RF or LED). Videoconference referral to Specialists if needed.

  4. Continuous staff training and effective marketing of services.